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WAGNERSIL® 20 NC Premium Duplicating silicone 2x0,5 kg (1 kg)

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WAGNERSIL® 20 NC duplicating silicone, blue, hardness 20 Shore A, mix 1: 1, potlife 6min., demoldable after 30 min., delivered in bottles 2 x 0,5 kg (1kg)

WAGNERSIL addition-curing 1:1 duplicating silicone (RTV-2 Silicone Rubber) with final hardness of 9-32 Shore A. It has a low viscosity and has excellent mechanical properties. WAGNERSIL is used to produce very exact and detailed silicone impressions. WAGNERSIL has a very high tear resistance in the final consistency and is very flexible. The model can therefore be easily removed from the mould, especially with undercuts. WAGNERSIL does not require wetting agents. Due to the addition-curing platinum catalyst system the hardening has no shrinkage. WAGNERSIL is also suitable for WAGNERSIL is also suitable for the cuvette-free duplication technique. WAGNERSIL is simple and easy to apply. WAGNERSIL can be poured out several times with all casting compounds. Temperature resistant up to 200 ° C, for a short time to 250 ° C. WAGNERSIL is suitable for all moulds in the industrial, crafts and hobbies.

elongation at break 500 % (ISO 37)

tear strength 5,2 N/mm2 (ISO 37)

hardness A 20 (ISO 868)

tear resistance 24,0 N/mm (ASTM D 624 B)