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Company history:

For more than 3 decades, the name WAGNER DENTAL has stood for the manufacture of devices and materials "Made in Germany".

Since the company was founded in 1980, WAGNER DENTAL has made a name for itself in the dental sector and other industries with high-quality products and perfect service.

At the beginning of 2010 the company was relocated from the new owner to Hückelhoven on the Lower Rhine. New products are developed in Hückelhoven and manufactured here and at other locations with extensive quality control.

With the takeover of AWA-DENTAL in 2011, WAGNER DENTAL GmbH & Co.KG expanded its product range to include many consumables for practice and dental laboratories. In addition to high-quality dental devices, melting pots, alloys, light-curing spoon plates, blasting media, dental brushes, silicone rubbers, duplicating silicones, kneading silicones, cutting discs and much more are part of the sales program today.

Today WAGNER DENTAL GmbH & Co.KG manufactures various products for the dental sector and other areas. The WAGNER SILICONES division produces high-quality RTV silicone rubbers / duplicating silicones for industrial companies, craft businesses and the hobby sector.

First-class quality and perfect service with the highest level of customer satisfaction will continue to be our goal in the future. “Made in Germany” continues to be a matter of course for us.

"We don't do everything, but everything is good"