WAGNERSIL silicone coulor white RAL 9010

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WAGNERSILSilikon color for coloring liquid silicone rubber / duplicating silicones

food safe RAL colors Contents: 50 g

various silicone colors RAL colors to choose from

(For example, to colorize the colorless Dubliersilikons Wagnersil 21 NO)

Composition: polydimethylsiloxane + special pigments

(Excellent for all addition-RTV silicones)

Our color pastes are very economical and can be easily dispersible in silicone rubber.


- Premium silicone color system to colorize of silicones.
- Liquid consistency for easy and clean dosing and stirring, dusting and clumping
- Depending on the desired color intensity 1-3% by weight are stirred
- Colors: white, yellow, red, blue, green, maroon, orange, red-violet
- Mixing several colors below the other

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